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Fusible's -
For strength and durability 
The company produces EVA-low melt fusible interlinings, confirming to the strictest international standards. The interlinings are not only an indispensable reinforcement but also add to the cosmetic appeal and guarantee an optimum wear. 

The fabrics are powder coated with Eva adhesive, giving good results at low temperature and with a short fixing time. The powder coating ensures that breathability is maintained.

The Interlinings are manufactured in various configurations depending on the type of leather used in the shoes. Some of the salient features are given below.

Versatile Interlining
Why Versatile
Temperature -
maintains property/ texture of leather, saves electricity & is easy to handle
It gives an excellent result on temperatures as low as 85 degree centigrade, requires less electricity and can be handled easily due to lower temperature on leather
Pressure -
Very low pressure is sufficient
Pressure as low as 200-250GMS/CM2 is sufficient
Fixing Time -
It saves manpower & increases production due to low fixing time
Fixing time required is as short as 4-6 seconds
Breathability -
Breathability is maintained
Base fabric & coating is scientifically designed
In accordance with various kinds of leathers
Compatibility with all kinds of leathers is there
Cost Effective
Considering factors like less power consumption, easy handling, reducing manpower, increase in production capacity etc. Versatile's interlinings are the best option. Above all these meet all International standards thus helping to produce best quality leather products