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Laminated Fabrics -
for the latest fashions and ultimate foot comfort 

In 1974, Versatile group stepped into a high potential slot for superior quality laminated Fabric for footwear. Ever since, the company has not paused to look back. Today, it manufactures a spectacular range of Laminated Fabrics for footwear, Car upholstery and home furnishings. 

One of the major processes in the production of laminated fabrics is the coupling of facing and linings, to lend a distinctive look and additional strength to the laminated fabrics. The company offers cotton-laminated fabrics in innovative prints and designs, custom made to meet diverse consumer needs. These laminated fabrics are manufactured by flame lamination process using polyurethane foam sheet of varying densities and thickness.

Adhesive lamination is also employed for single and multiple layers bonding. This 'long lasting bond' also extends to the company's client - giant forces to reckon within the domestic and international market. Long innings of quality-orientation has given the company an edge over the rest. 

The laminated fabrics for shoes can be broadly categorized as :
  • Upper Fabrics

  • These are the fabrics with foam lining to add style to shoes.
  • Linings for inner use

  • These are mainly used in counter lining and interlining for adding comfort to shoes. These are available in plain or printed (with personalized insignia).